Company readers grill Theresa May and the Prime Minister

This month’s issue of Company magazine features a meeting between twelve readers, the Prime Minister and the Home Secretary. The Number Ten summit was part of the magazine’s long-running ‘Get Home Safely’ campaign.

After a night walk to Number Ten Downing Street, the women debated their concerns with David Cameron and Theresa May, highlighting that any cuts to the police service would be a big concern.

The Home Secretary encouraged the women – some of who had been victims of crime at night – to get involved in influencing local policing decisions.

She said: ‘We have to make cuts in police budgets but many forces are focusing on their neighbourhood policing and maintaining a visible presence.

‘With the new crime maps you can say to the police, we’ve seen the crime map in this area but you’ve only got two neighbourhood police officers here. 
‘We’re trying to give you more of a voice. We’re introducing Police and Crime Commissioners next year who you’ll be able to vote in because there has been a break down between police and local people in terms of what they want to see happening on the streets.’

And David Cameron said that for him the crucial factor was closer working between all groups involved in night safety.

‘The key is making sure everyone is joined up – so that the police are talking to the bar and club door staff; the door staff are talking to licence holders; the licence holders are coordinating the cabs, and then the voluntary schemes are properly linked in, too.’

The experience was a positive one for everyone, with Company magazine senior writer Catherine Bennion-Pedley enthusing: ‘The PM made us feel very welcome, so we look forward to working with him and Theresa to make things safer for young women.’

Read more about the magazine’s ‘Get Home Safely’ campaign on its website.

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