Countering the appeal of terrorism

During a visit to the US the Home Secretary gave a speech at a UN symposium on counter terrorism.

Speaking at the UN in New York the Home Secretary Theresa May said:

‘Here in this city, ten years ago, we witnessed a massive crime. That crime deserved an unprecedented response.

‘Action from many countries around the world has now weakened Al Qa’ida severely. Its leadership has been disrupted. Its ability to conduct terrorist attacks, communicate and train operatives has been reduced.

‘But we have also learned there are limits to how far military or police action alone can take us in our struggle against any form of terrorism.

‘Governments and policy makers realise that if we are to defeat terrorism, we must not only defeat terrorist organisations, we must also defeat the terrorist ideology. I want today to focus on the ideology that lies behind Al Qa’ida, while recognising terrorism comes in many forms and has many sources.’

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