CSSC Launch event

MPS Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams and Olympic Gold Medalist Katherine Grainger MBE
MPS Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams and Olympic Gold Medalist Katherine Grainger MBE

An innovative communication engagement partnership established by the Metropolitan Police Service, London First, Industry and Government will be rolled out nationally this year as it commences its journey to charitable status.

The Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) was established in London 18 months ago, with the involvement of 23 industry groups and the added support of the City of London Police, BTP, London Resilience and Transport for London.

It provided a communications structure to ensure that businesses factored safety and security into their day-to-day operations, and were informed of issues that might affect them.

CSSC was already in operation in the run-up to the Games, and continued to keep business informed of security and safety issues during the Diamond Jubilee and the London Olympics and Paralympic Games 2012.

It will now continue as a lasting enhancement to safety and security, both in the capital and now also nationwide as a charitable project.

To mark this transition, CSSC members and supporters from industry and government, including Security minister James Brokenshire MP, attended a launch event at New Scotland Yard on Monday, 1 October with Olympic Gold Medalist Katherine Grainger MBE as guest speaker.

The event was hosted by The Metropolitan Police Service Commissioner Bernard Hogan Howe, Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams, who will become President of the CSSC as an independent charity.

MPS Deputy Assistant Commissioner Janet Williams said:

“It has always been the long-term benefits that have driven this plan. The imperative was to improve the communication channels between the police and businesses in London. Last summer’s disorders and the challenge presented by the Olympics gave extra impetus, but the legacy goal was always there.

“The potential to build real capability that could be called upon in times of crisis was essential if businesses were to be willing to invest the time and resources necessary to make this network happen. After the success in London, we now look forward to taking this model to the next stage.”

Don Randall MBE, Vice Chairman of CSSC, and Head of Security at The Bank of England, is central to the CSSC project as the co-ordinator of the initial contact between the authorities and the business sector representatives.

Vice Chairman of CSSC Don Randall MBE said:

“The CSSC concept, created for the Olympics, building on the proven partnerships such as Project Griffin, enabled the business community of London to be better informed of any relevant safety and security issues as they occurred.

“This public/private partnership creates the way forward in connecting law enforcement, associated agencies, preventative groups and the business community thereby enabling authority to share fast time, accurate and authoritative information when needed.

“The development of CSSC as a registered charity will enable the model to be utilised across the country and easily internationally transported.”

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