Directors of Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley Sentenced

The following is an announcement from the Security Industry Authority, the organisation responsible for regulating the private security industry in the United Kingdom.

“On Thursday 10 March, Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley, who supplied unlicensed security guards to customers in South Yorkshire, were sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court.

“This case dates back to October 2014 when Dragon Security Solutions were sentenced for 9 offences under the Private Security Act (2001) including supplying unlicensed security operatives. Dragon Security Solutions was the parent company to Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley, whose sentencing was not until recently.

“The judge issued a financial penalty to the company of £1,000 for each offence, which in total amounted to £3,000. Goodfellas Nightspot Barnsley’s offences included operating with unlicensed security directors and supplying unlicensed security operatives. The company itself, were also ordered to pay a contribution towards the SIA’s costs of £7,500.

“The Judge commented that his sentencing had taken into account the fact that this company had only deployed 16 unlicensed guards over a relatively short period of time and that the company was close to dissolution”.

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