Doug Hewitson – Embracing the future – rethinking technology in the world of security

Doug Hewitson - Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions Group
Doug Hewitson - Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions Group

Doug Hewitson, the Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions (UK) discusses incorporating technology. Doug writes: “With the number of recent advances in the field of security technology, it’s an incredibly exciting time for the industry as a whole. New platforms and tools are allowing security officers to operate in a more efficient manner, automating such routine duties as logging patrols, reporting incidents and collating data into an actionable form. By automating tasks of this nature, security officers will be able to broaden the range of services they can offer clients, delivering both better value for money and an enhanced standard of security.

“It’s no exaggeration to say that technology is very much the future of security. However, if we are to reap the full benefits of these new tools, it’s essential that we as security professionals are willing to invest time and effort in their development and show our support to those who are pioneering new technology.

“Education is essential here, on multiple levels. Security officers need to be able to see the true value of new technology and – equally importantly – be fully trained in its use. Managers and leaders need to be aware of its potential and be willing to invest time, money and effort in its implementation, including getting the necessary buy-in from clients.

“To expedite this process, the security industry must be willing to collaborate with the world of technology, so products can evolve in parallel with security requirements. In light of this, G4S has been proud to extend our support to those who are making the most impressive strides in security technology, particularly when it comes to testing their newest innovations in ‘real world’ security situations. For example, we recently helped test the University of Birmingham’s new robot security guard at our Tewkesbury office, seeing how effectively it could handle some of the more routine tasks usually conducted by security officers, providing them with more time to broaden the range of services they can offer to clients.

“The long-term goal for embracing technology in this way is to enhance the capabilities of security officers, which is why we regularly use the term ‘technology-enabled’. No piece of technology will ever prove a substitute for the skill and experience of a professional security officer, but if the security industry is willing to support those developing new technology and integrate it into what we do, the possibilities are virtually endless.”

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Doug Hewitson has over twenty-five years of experience in the security industry, having started out in 1987. He joined Securicor following its acquisition of Shorrocks in 1996, where he had been Regional Director for Scotland. After working as Area Director for Securicor in the North, Doug was appointed Managing Director of Securicor Aviation in 2001. The same year he became Managing Director of Securicor Security, serving until 2005 after which he worked on the integration of sectors following the merger of Group 4 and Securicor creating what is now G4S. He has been Group Managing Director of G4S Secure Solutions UK since February 2007 heading up the manned security arm of G4S in the United Kingdom.

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