Home Secretary statement on the Metropolitan Police

The Home Secretary has expressed her gratitude for the work of Sir Paul Stephenson and John Yates.

The comments were made in an oral statement to the House of Commons about the Metropolitan Police Service.

The Home Secretary said: ‘The important work of the Met – its national responsibilities like counter-terrorism operations as well as policing our capital city – must and will continue.’

She confirmed that Sir Paul will be replaced by Tim Goodwin who will become Acting Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe will take on the responsibilities of Deputy Commissioner on a temporary basis and that Assistant Commissioner Cressida Dick will take over John Yates’s role.

Integrity and public confidence

The Home Secretary announced that she has asked Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary to look at ‘undue influence, inappropriate contractual arrangements and other abuses of power in police relationships with the media and other parties’.

She said: ‘It is for the sake of the many thousands of honourable police officers and staff, as well as the public they serve, that we must get to the bottom of all these allegations. Only then will we be able to ensure the integrity of our police and public confidence in them to do their vital work.’

Maximum transparency

It was also announced that Elizabeth Filkin, the former Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards, will examine the ethical considerations that should, in future, underpin the relationships between the Metropolitan police and the media, how to ensure maximum transparency and public confidence, and provide advice. The management board of the Met has agreed a new set of guidelines on relationships with the media.

The Home Secretary said she has commissioned work to look at whether the Independent Police Complaints Commission needs greater powers, such as the power to question civilian witnesses during investigations and a bigger role in investigating allegations about institutional failings of forces.

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