attends Mitie TSM’s thought leadership event

The Kurtzman Club
The Kurtzman Club recently attended The Kurtzman Club, Mitie TSM’s first thought leadership event. The event, held at the illustrious Institute of Directors in London, played host to numerous thought leaders across the security sector.

In the lead up to the event, Jason Towse, Managing Director for Mitie’s security business, said: “I am really excited to be launching The Kurtzman Club. I am passionate about the sustainability of our sector and see an opportunity to bring experts and influencers together in a forward thinking forum to challenge, innovate and work together to shape the future of the security industry”.

Jason, who regularly writes for, began by detailing his take on the current state of the security industry, the current threat landscape and introducing the guest speakers for the night, Edwin Lustig and Dan Hardy.

SAM - Secure, Autonomous and Mobile
SAM – Secure, Autonomous and Mobile

Edwin Lustig, Managing Director of Robot Security Systems, provided an interesting insight into his company’s effort to introduce robots in to the private security sector. Robot Security Systems, based in The Hague, have developed SAM (Secure, Autonomous and Mobile), an autonomous surveillance machine which can be integrated in to the infrastructure of a building. SAM can provide information, detection and verification in areas such as distribution centres, shopping centres and production sites.

Dan Hardy, Corporate Crime & Security Lead at Sainsbury’s, continued by discussing how security can support local communities and his compelling thoughts on big data.

The event is one of a series of Kurtzman Club events to be held by Mitie TSM.

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