IPSA supports industry unity

The recent press release and article from the Chairman of the Joint Security Industry Council (JSIC), Patrick Sommerville, (See Private Security Industry needs a single representative body for all sectors) has opened the discussion not just for who is providing representation to the Government on licensing, but also long term collaboration by the industry.

The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) believes that whilst there is indeed an opportunity for JSIC to be a part of the future of regulation in the UK security industry, there is an absolute need for the recently acquired industry wide solidarity to be maintained if we are to benefit from this once- in-an-industry-lifetime opportunity to engage with the regulator and Government to make positive changes for the future.

That solidarity is ideally represented by the continued existence of and support by all for the Security Alliance.  IPSA remains wholeheartedly in support of the Security Alliance, its principles for the review of regulation and its position regarding the future of regulation and licensing.  The Security Alliance demonstrates how well, as a whole, the industry has come together as one and we continue to actively work within the Security Alliance to represent our membership and to ensure the best possible future for our industry.

IPSA recognises that the Security Alliance is currently a single aim body.  A revitalised JSIC could become involved as a supporter of the Security Alliance, and/or with fresh industry support become the body considering other longer term industry related issues.

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