Minister visits industry showcase

Technology that could help frontline officers deal with counter-terrorism scenarios has been demonstrated to Baroness Neville Jones.

‘Augmented reality’ equipment showcased at the London conference has been designed in consultation with government experts, and mimics current counter-terrorism challenges. At last week’s event, the minister commended the efforts of government and industry in working together.

She said: ‘We face a range of complex and interdependent security challenges that go beyond terrorism. Government alone cannot maintain National Security. It is a collective effort in which we all — government, industry, and communities – need to play our part.’

‘We must ensure our response is a joint effort underpinned by a closer relationship between government and industry.’

The showcase is funded as part of a cross-government programme, known as INSTINCT (Innovation in Science and Technology in Counter Terrorism). It was set up in 2009 to improve government’s ability to work with academics and the private sector. Last year, INSTINCT sponsored approximately £2.7m of work.

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