New access control guidance released in light of growing demand for care home security

Mike Sussman Chairman BSIA Access Control Section
Mike Sussman - Chairman BSIA Access Control Section

Following the publication of the Francis Report earlier this year, patient safety and welfare within the care sector is crucial now more than ever. As such, the Access Control Section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) has released a free guide to aid care homes in understanding the benefits of access control security systems.

A recent survey of BSIA Access Control members aimed to discover trends in care home security over the last year. Over 60% of respondents felt that the use of private security measures in the care sector had increased over the last twelve months, with a further 60% anticipating them to increase further over the course of the next year.

The survey also revealed that resident safety and well-being has, and will remain to be, a primary focus in the sector, with 100% of survey respondents believing that the awareness of duty of care among care home management has increased over the past year.

“Care homes have a number of vital considerations when it comes to resident safety,” explains Mike Sussman, Chairman of the BSIA’s Access Control Section. “Whether it is the security of personal possessions, the well-being of residents or the risk of unauthorised visitors, access control systems can play a fundamental part in ensuring a high standard of care and safety.

“This new guide demonstrates just how influential access control systems have already been within the care sector, helping to secure care homes while providing multiple added benefits, such as staff time and attendance management.”

To put these benefits into perspective, the helpful guide incorporates a number of case studies provided by BSIA Access Control Section members, who have a wealth of experience in securing a wide range of industries and have all been inspected to high quality British and European standards.

Download a copy of the BSIA’s Guide to Access Control in Care Homes here.

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