Operation Clyno – Checking The Security Industry

Officers from Norfolk Constabulary’s Licensing Regulation Team and investigators from the Security Industry Authority recently carried out an operation to check licensed door staff and security guards across Norwich city centre. The joint operation was held on Saturday 11 July 2009 to coincide with the celebrations held around the Lord Mayor’s Procession and enabled officers and investigators to check that all security operatives held Security Industry Authority licences.

The operation checked 38 security operatives at 11 venues, including some security operatives who were working on behalf of Norwich City Council at the Procession. As a result of the operation officers made two arrests and, if found guilty, those involved could face up to six months imprisonment or a £5000 fine. One arrest was made for an operative who was “engaged in conduct when not licensed by the Security Industry Authority (a Section 3 offence under the Private Security Industry Act 2001) and another arrest was made for “using an unlicensed security operative” (Section 5 offence). Both offenders have since been bailed to return to Bethel Street Police Station on 21 July 2009.

Acting Sergeant Mark Shepherd, CDU Licensing Regulation Team, who led the checks said, “This was a successful operation which showed that the majority of security operatives and companies act within the law. However, there were unfortunately two instances where the Private Security Industry Act was not being followed and I am disappointed that this is still happening. Most security operatives take pride in the security industry and those committing offences undermine the good work the rest of the industry undertake.”

Nigel Davies, a Security Industry Authority – Head of Investigation, said: “The Lord Mayor’s Procession is a great attraction for the community so it is vital that they feel safe during the festivities. An SIA licence shows that the holder is trained, qualified and a fit and proper person for their role. I would like to thank our partners at Norfolk Constabulary for taking robust action regarding the two unlicensed operatives identified.”

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