Police service honours extraordinary people for their outstanding acts of bravery

Members of the public will be honoured for remarkable acts of bravery at the ACPO National Public Bravery Awards in Harrogate tonight.

The police service will honour members of the public for remarkable acts of bravery at the ACPO National Public Bravery Awards tonight in Harrogate.

The awards, which trace their history back to 1965, are to recognise members of the public for actions which support the police in preserving law and order. This year’s award ceremony will acknowledge 89 people for their courage and bravery.

This year, for the first time, police forces in Scotland have also put forward nominees making the event truly national in scope.

Honorary Awards Secretary, Chief Constable Meredydd Hughes, said:

“These awards give the police service the opportunity to formally acknowledge those altruistic people who have intervened to help others when the worst in society crossed their path.”

“Each and every day, police forces rely on members of the public to support them in maintaining law and order. Tonight we have recognised extraordinary people, for some of the most outstanding acts of bravery, who put themselves at considerable risk to come to the aid of other people in need.”

“We are delighted to be honoring these individuals, who are of all ages and come from all walks of life. As a consequence of their courage to intervene, lives have been saved and criminals sentenced to a total of more than 200 years behind bars. Their actions are to be commended and we thank them for their selfless acts.”

This year’s award winners are from 21 force areas and include 14 gold medals and 19 silver medals. A further 56 certificates of commendation will also be awarded, with the recipients to receive them at separate local ceremonies.

The force areas with award recipients, including commendations, are: Durham, Essex, Greater Manchester Police, Hampshire, Kent, Leicestershire, Lothian and Borders, Metropolitan Police Service, Merseyside, North Wales, Northamptonshire, Northern, Police Service of Northern Ireland, South Wales, South Yorkshire, Staffordshire, Strathclyde, Surrey, Sussex, Thames Valley and, West Yorkshire.

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