Review into police pay and conditions

The Home Secretary today received the final part of Tom Winsor’s review into police pay and conditions.

The former rail regulator was commissioned in October 2010 to conduct an independent study into how police in England and Wales are rewarded – the biggest examination of its type for more than three decades.

And his work concluded today with the publication of the second part of his review – into long-term transformation and modernisation of pay and conditions.

Nick Herbert - Policing Minister
Nick Herbert - Policing Minister

Policing Minister Nick Herbert said: ‘We would like to thank Tom Winsor for his work in producing this wide-ranging and detailed document and we will consider carefully his recommendations.

‘Our comprehensive package of police reforms will support the police in improving service to the public and developing professionalism – giving us a better crime-fighting force for the future.

‘The existing police pay system was designed over 30 years ago. We want police pay and conditions that are fair and fit for the 21st Century.’

Mr Winsor, who was assisted by former chief constable Sir Ted Crew and top economist Richard Disney, released the first part of his review in March.

Recommendations from the report into short-term modernisation and reform were considered by the police negotiating bodies. The Home Secretary accepted the verdict of the Police Arbitration Tribunal in January and work is ongoing to introduce the changes recommended.

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