Rioters’ Shop Attacks Condemned As 161 Arrests Are Made

The British Retail Consortium (BRC) strongly condemned this weekend’s London rioting, saying community difficulties will not be helped by torching shops. The rioting has resulted in over thirty five police officers being injured, more than 161 arrests and millions of pounds damage and theft.

Talking to the Director General of the British Retail Consortium, Stephen Robertson, said: “I deplore the violence and property damage inflicted by these criminal actions, I have the greatest sympathy for those who’ve lost businesses, staff whose jobs are now in jeopardy and customers now without local services.”

“There may be genuine economic or community relations grievances in these areas but they will not be helped by torching shops.  Retail is at the heart of thriving communities. Clearly, with high streets under pressure anyway, at least some of the businesses destroyed will not be able to re-establish themselves, causing long-term damage. And, at a time when some of London’s most deprived areas are looking forward to a substantial spending boost from visitors to next year’s Olympics, this sends an appalling message to would-be tourists around the world.”

Updating the number of arrests and number of officers injured Commander Christine Jones of the Metropolitan Police Service told; “Officers responding to sporadic disorder in a number of boroughs made more than 100 arrests throughout last night and early this morning. This is in addition to the 61 arrests made on Saturday night and Sunday morning. So far there have been 16 charges (burglary, points and blades, theft, POCA, violent disorder), 11 awaiting CPS advice, 17 bailed, 1 caution, 1 sectioned under the Mental Health Act and there are 15 ongoing enquiries. Officers are shocked at the outrageous level of violence directed against them. At least nine officers were injured overnight in addition to the 26 injured on Saturday night.”

“We will not tolerate this disgraceful violence. The investigation continues to bring these criminals to justice.”

British Retail Consortium Website