Security staff targeted in operation spectrum

More than 200 security guards and door supervisors were inspected during a large-scale operation in Leeds, Bristol and Kingston upon Thames on Thursday [01 July]. Operation Spectrum was conducted by Security Industry Authority investigators and saw teams deployed to 89 security sites including retail parks, shopping centres and their CCTV suites, pubs, clubs, businesses and trading parks.

The aim of the operation was to test compliance amongst those working in the private security industry. In total, 202 individuals were inspected. SIA investigators found 199 operatives working legally by holding and displaying valid SIA licences.

In Bristol, 40 sites were checked with 95 security staff inspected – no offences were found. Licence checks were also made from sign-in sheets and staff lists with no issues detected. In Leeds, 29 sites were visited and 62 security personnel were checked. Two security guards were found not to be displaying their SIA licences – a breach of licence conditions. In Kingston upon Thames, 20 sites were visited and 45 individuals were inspected. One offence was detected as a security guard who was undertaking public space surveillance (CCTV) activity did not hold a licence for this sector.

In each of the targeted areas, SIA investigators identified either a venue or business that will require follow up enquiries. Director of Compliance and Enforcement Dave Humphries said: “The results of this operation are excellent, in that we found more than 98% compliance with the law. It is clear that awareness of the requirements is high and that the vast majority of people understand the need to be licensed before performing private security activities.

“Operations like this help us gather information to take an intelligence-led approach to enforcement. They can also help to act as a deterrent against future non-compliance of individuals and security providers working in the targeted areas.

“We urge those working in these positions of trust to adhere to the law by holding and displaying the correct licence for the role they are carrying out. In our aim of protecting the public, we expect compliance with licensing requirements at all times. We will be conducting similar operations in the future.”

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