SIA Criminal Record Indicator Updated

SIAThe SIA has updated its online Criminal Record Indicator to make the online tool easier to use for new applicants and those renewing their licence.

The SIA will always carry out a criminal record check on anyone who applies for a licence. If an applicant has a criminal record, it does not necessarily mean that they will not get a licence.

The Criminal Record Indicator was launched in 2004 as an online tool to give individuals an indication on whether they may or may not meet the criminality criteria in order to obtain an SIA licence.

Earlier this year; the SIA asked for customer feedback on the proposed developments to the criminal record indicator. Changes have now been implemented to:

  • make the Criminal Record Indicator easier to use;
  • identify at an early stage those people whose criminality would not affect their chances of being granted a licence;
  • add a search function so that users can more easily find offences;
  • introduce a new function where the ‘refuse’ and ‘consider additional factors’ results screens will display the offences to be taken into consideration;
  • introduce a new feature that tells the user when their result may change.

The Criminal Record Indicator is part of the SIA’s online step-by-step guide to applying for a licence, which can be accessed here:

SIA Website