Terrorism Prevention and Investigation Measures Bill

Today the Home Office fulfilled its earlier commitment to publish draft terror legislation to be used in exceptional circumstances.

The review of counter-terrorism and security powers in January this year concluded that there may be exceptional circumstances where it would be necessary for the Government to seek Parliamentary approval for additional measures.

The Enhanced Terrorism and Investigation Measures Bill follows acknowledgement in the government’s review of CT powers, published in January, that enhanced measures are necessary in extraordinary circumstances.

In a statement to Parliament in January the Home Secretary Theresa May made clear the need for additional security measures in exceptional circumstances.

She said: ‘We want to prepare for this possibility while ensuring that such powers are used only when absolutely necessary.

‘So we will publish, but not introduce, legislation allowing more stringent measures, including curfews and further restrictions on communications, association and movement.

‘These measures will require an even higher standard of proof to be met and would be introduced if in exceptional circumstances they were required to protect the public from the threat of terrorism.

‘We will invite the Opposition to discuss this draft legislation with us on Privy Council terms. These powers would be enacted only with the agreement of both Houses of Parliament.’

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