Ultimate Security make Victoria’s streets safer with limited police powers

Contracted Security Officers started patrolling the Victoria CSAS zone this week with limited but targeted police powers this week issued by the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS). The 15 security officers from Ultimate Security Services will be accredited with limited powers under the Police Reform Act 2002. Under the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS)  which came into effect on Monday this week, the MPS has agreed to designate the following police powers to Ultimate Security Services which include:

  • Power to request a name and address for fixed penalty notices and offences that cause injury, alarm and distress to another person, or damage or loss of another’s property,
  • Power to request the name and address of a person who has committed an offence of begging,
  • Power to request the name and address of a person acting in an anti-social manner,
  • Power to request a person to stop drinking in a designated public place and to confiscate and dispose of alcohol being consumed within a designated public place,
  • Power to confiscate alcohol from a person under the age of 18 years,
  • Power to confiscate cigarettes and tobacco products from a person under the age of 16 years, and
  • Power to stop pedal cycles where the accredited person has reason to believe that a person has committed the offence of riding on the footpath

Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) is building on the success of its ‘safe and secure’ initiatives by funding the introduction of the Community Safety Accreditation Scheme (CSAS) which came into effect on Monday 21 March. Whilst Ultimate Security Services have been successful in reducing crime in the area to date, the delegated powers will offer enhanced responsibilities and allow the team to handle crime and security issues in a more direct manner.

Community Safety Accreditation Scheme

The Police Reform Act 2002 enables the Commissioner to establish and maintain a Community Safety Accreditation Scheme. Organisations who provide community safety patrols and who satisfy a range of policy requirements may apply to become accredited. Employees of such organisations who have been trained to approved standards may then apply for accreditation themselves.

Only after an organisation has satisfied strict criteria that include enhanced vetting and training standards, equal opportunities and race relation policies and approved complaints and accountability procedures will they be awarded accredited status. Employees must similarly satisfy strict standards in terms of vetting and must receive training in relevant areas of law, the use of powers and appropriate procedures. This will include human rights, race relations and equal opportunities. 

An accredited person wears the uniform of their employing organisation, upon which the Home Office approved national accreditation badge will be displayed. They are also required to carry an identification card which confirms the powers the individual is able to exercise. The initiative promises to establish and promote a safer, more secure environment for businesses, visitors and residents within the Victoria CSAS zone (see notes to editor). The work of accredited staff will complement the efforts of both the Metropolitan Police and British Transport services in reducing local crime and anti social behaviour. 

Victoria Business Improvement District (BID) 

Victoria BID provides a platform for businesses to work together to improve and enhance the urban context of Victoria. Guided by local businesses and organisations, the Victoria BID team help shape Victoria’s future development. A key part of the BID’s work has been to bring the Metropolitan Police Service and British Transport Police in to a closer operational working relationship within the area that has, at it’s heart a major transport hub for London. They are the first BID within the country to do this and have recently introduced a radio link scheme which links directly in to the Police network so that further assistance can be called if necessary.Other key initiatives within the Safe & Secure agenda that will be delivered by the Victoria Safer Neighbourhoods Business Team – a team of Police and Community Support Officers (PCSOs) who patrol part of the Victoria District, responding to the needs of the local business, visitor and tourist community. A Business Crime Reduction Officer, Simon Reason, is permanently based at the BID office, driving strategic aspects of policing within the BID area. Collectively, the safer business team will broker corporate relations within the business community, developing and implementing crime reduction initiatives at a strategic and frontline level. 

This scheme is also a key part of the work the BID is doing towards Purple Flag accreditation – a nationally recognised scheme established by the Police in conjunction with the Home Office. The scheme provides a means of recognising great entertainment, hospitality and night-time economies. The scheme aims to reduce the impact of alcohol-related crime and disorder by reducing the opportunity for crime to occur. It encompasses not just pubs and clubs but hotels, restaurants and take-away food outlets. This will be an effective way of showing that Victoria is a safe and vibrant area for enjoying the local nightlife. Purple Flag will be a widely recognised indicator that will help show visitors where to go for a fun and safe night out in a pleasant environment.

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