Update on New Licensing System (Industry) 18th November 2016

SIA CEO, Alan Clamp
SIA CEO, Alan Clamp

The Security Industry Authority has released the following update on their new licensing system.

“We have continued our work to reduce the number of applications that have not moved forward from ‘Next Steps’.  The majority of these applications require an action from the applicant before they can move forward.  Our team is going into each of these individual applications and issuing reminders but, if you have an application in ‘Next Steps’, you can assist the process by making sure you have carried out all the required actions.

“We have added a new page to our website that sets out clearly the stages of a licence application.

“We will be running webinars for businesses to provide advice and guidance on our new licensing system.

“We will have experts on hand to provide on screen solutions to your system issues and offer practical tips to improve your interaction with the new service.

“If you are interested in taking part then please email us, along with your top five issues. Please provide as much detail as possible as this will help us to tailor the sessions effectively.

“Register interest and send your top five issues to stakeholder@sia.gsi.gov.uk

Reporting Illegal Activity
“We have received a number of reports from people through the Licensing System about illegal or inappropriate activity by licence holders. Thank you for passing your concerns on to us.  If you feel that a licence holder has committed a crime or conducted themselves in a way that would put them in breach of their licence conditions, we would like to know about it. The best way to provide this information to us is via our website or to use Crimestoppers (online or by phone: 0800 555 111). You will be able to submit the information anonymously if you choose to.

“Any information you provide will be assessed by our intelligence team. Please note that we are unable to report back on any action we may take”.

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