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Interconnective begins offering PPSS Carbon Fibre Body Armour
On the 13th of July 2021, Interconnective announced that they will now be offering carbon fibre body armour as well as their traditional aramid fibre and soft-steel variants. This development comes as Interconnective, one of the UK’s longest-running front-line equipment providers, has been greatly expanding its product range following the launch of its new webstore. The new line of carbon fibre body armour is manufactured by UK based, PPSS Group, who since launching in 2009 have become well-known in the security sector for the ...
Interconnective officially launches its’ newly upgraded GDPR Compliant Body Cam

29th July 2019

Interconnective's The Partner Body Worn Video System (BWVS) has long been one of the main choices for the discerning security company when it comes to mobile video recording. This month they celebrate the launch of their newly upgraded GDPR Compliant Encrypted Recording model.

The Partner BWVS features AE5 256 Encrypti...