Interconnective launches low-cost, high-spec body camera with DEMS solution

Partner MK4 Body CameraLong-time security equipment supplier, Interconnective Security Products, has announced the launch of The Partner MK4 Body Camera. According to Interconnective, The Partner MK4 Body Camera is a high-spec, low-cost, locally-installed body-worn camera solution with an integrated Digital Evidence Management Software package.

body camera docking station Partner MK4 with Cameras“While most companies are moving toward a SaaS model with ongoing software fees and cloud storage costs, we believe that there is still a large market for locally-installed solutions that do not require ongoing payments or expensive upkeep. The Partner MK4 aims to address this by being one of the highest spec cameras on the market while still coming in at a fraction of the cost of many of our competitors,” says Chris Lanchbury, Interconnective CTO.

The Partner MK4 boasts an impressive list of specifications. While it can record in 1440p, it is also one of the few models that can achieve 60FPS at 1080p. It has an extra-large, 3200mHa, long-life battery that allows up to 15 hours of continuous recording. By incorporating H.265 compression technology, it stretches its’ 32GB far further than H.264 models. This allows for 11 hours at 1080p or 17 hours at 720p of video to be stored at any given time.

Like all Partner Cameras, The Partner MK4 is fully encrypted and GDPR compliant. It uses AES256 encryption as well as password protection. Unlike older models which used a dedicated player to view the footage, The Partner MK4’s DEMS Software allows it to encrypt and un-encrypt footage at will for easier transfer to authorities. The DEMS Software also has an audit log of all actions made within the software as well as who made them. This allows for a more secure chain of custody. Notes can also be made on the footage by users for record-keeping purposes such as incident reference numbers and observations.

The DEMS Software is fully integrated with The Partner MK4 and its’ 10-port docking station. This means that you can have up to 10 cameras running simultaneously and all you need to do to charge and download footage is to slot the camera into one of the ports and let it go. This makes running multi-camera sites, easier and less expensive than ever. “Recently, we were able to outfit a major shopping centre with a 10-camera solution, a docking station and DEMS software for a fraction of what they were quoted by a competitor” continues Mr. Lanchbury.

To find out more about The Partner MK4 Body Worn Camera Solution, you can download the brochure here or view a full listing on Interconnective’s webstore.




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