Interconnective officially launches its’ newly upgraded GDPR Compliant Body Cam

29th July 2019

Interconnective’s The Partner Body Worn Video System (BWVS) has long been one of the main choices for the discerning security company when it comes to mobile video recording. This month they celebrate the launch of their newly upgraded GDPR Compliant Encrypted Recording model.

The Partner BWVS features AE5 256 Encryption and comes with DRM free un-encryption software which means that they player can be installed on multiple machines across multiple locations with no need for additional licenses. The camera itself is capable of full HD recording (1080p), 32GB of onboard memory, 10 second pre-record and a newly expanded 125 Degree Wide Angle lense. The lense case is specially designed to work in wet weather minnimise droplets forming over the field of view.

Interconnective adds that not only does the 2019 model come with a long lasting (7 Hour Continuous Recording) rechargeable battery but included in the base price is a second battery that will ensure officers are able to record for even longer before requiring to return to base.

Chris Lanchbury, Chief Technical Officer at Interconnective, says “the Partner has always been an attempt to offer low cost, high quality body cameras that are designed to meet the needs of security officers, bailiffs and door supervisors. In putting the system together, we looked at SOPs for these jobs and what they needed rather than looking at roles such as police and government that many of our competitors focus on. We listened to our clients’ feedback and based on this, we made improvements in the areas that mattered most to them.”

The Partner Body Worn Video System is available only from Interconnective, more information can be found on their website or by contacting them directly on