Interconnective Releases Environmentally Friendly Security Officers Notebook with Waterproof Paper

Security Officers Notebook 1Over the last few months, Interconnective has been steadily releasing innovative new products under their Securitygear brand. The latest of these products is the new Securitygear Security Officers Notebook which, interestingly, uses no paper in its construction. This novel take on the security officers’ pocket notebook is made using calcium carbonate, commonly referred to as stone paper, which means that not only is it far more environmentally friendly than standard notebooks but also has a unique trait. It is completely waterproof.

Security Officers Notebook 4 photoCalcium Carbonate does not absorb water in the same way that traditional paper does. This means that the texture of the stone paper will not change in the rain or even underwater. This means that you can continue to use it regardless of the conditions. Given that it repulses liquids, it is best used with a reliable biro rather than liquid ink pens.

The notebooks themselves are serially numbered with 100 pages (50 double-sided leafs), not including the front and back covers. They feel softer and more flexible than standard paper while also being more resistant to tearing.

Interconnective CTO, Chris Lanchbury is quoted as saying, “Our aim with the new generation of products is to take well-known products and give them a modern twist.  Whether its security trays that can take over 100kgs of weight, body cameras that buck SaaS trends, or waterproof, environmentally friendly notebooks, each new release tries to stand out from the crowd. This new notebook is not only fully biodegradable with no trees being harmed in its production, it is also priced to beat existing traditional alternatives.”

You can find out more about the security notebook here.

Testing the Securitygear Security Officers Notebook – Waterproof: