Infologue 2020 Top 30 UK Security Companies

Infologue_logo_Top_30For over 16 years, has compiled an annual list of the UK’s Top Security companies by revenue. This data is based on figures from the companies themselves or annual filings for the previous year. Only revenue drawn from the UK regulated security sector is taken into account.

In 2020, the UK Security Industry, like every other industry in the world was dominated by Covid-19. The movement in rankings appears to correlate with those businesses that were able to adapt to the new reality of life with lockdowns and mass-working from home. Companies reliant on event security have taken some knocks while those who are well integrated into supply-chains and supermarkets have prospered.

There has been a lot of movement in the rankings this year with one former ranking company dropping off and well-known newcomer, Brooknight Security leap-frogging to a debut at number 29. TSS (Total Security Services) has had a strong showing, rising 4 places to number 6. Despite going into Administration earlier this year, Cordant increased its turnover and held on to the number 8 position.

In big news, Interserve drops out of the Top 5 to tie with ISS at number 11. Interserve was recently purchased by Mitie but as this was announced very recently, for the purposes of the 2020 Top 30, they are listed separately. This will most likely change in 2021.

Man Commercial continues to do well, rising 2 places from last year and now on the cusp of entering the Top 20 following a strong showing in 2019. Allied Universal also saw massive increases in turnover taking them from number 29 to 26.

This year also saw large decreases in revenue for many companies with one former entrant dropping off the list entirely. Top 30 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector

The Top 30 mirrors the regulated private security sector, which includes companies operating within the following security disciplines: Guarding, Cash & Valuables in Transit, Close Protection, Door Supervision, Public Space Surveillance (CCTV), Security Guarding and Key Holding.



Rank Company Name 2020 Turnover
1 Mitie Total Security Management £600,000,000
2 G4S Secure Solutions* £325,590,000*
3 Securitas Security Services Ltd £255,000,000
4 OCS Group UK Ltd £165,000,000
5 Bidvest Noonan  £130,000,000
6 TSS (Total Security Services) £128,000,000
7 Loomis UK Ltd £121,049,00**
8 Cordant Security £120,000,000
9 Wilson James Ltd 109,263,000
10 Axis Security Services Ltd £106,000,000
11 Interserve Plc (incl First Security (Guards) ) £105,000,000
11 ISS Facility Services Limited £105,000,000
13  I.C.T.S. (U.K.) LIMITED £97,500,000
14 Corps Security Ltd £92,000,000
15 Kingdom £85,000,000.00
16 Sodexo £76,000,000
17 CIS Security Ltd £64,000,000
18 Carlisle Security Services Limited £58,500,000
19 Amberstone*** £56,974,000
20 Profile Security Services Ltd £55,900,000
21 Atalian – Servest Ltd £55,000,000
22 Man Commercial Protection Limited £48,000,000
23 SecuriGroup £47,000,000
24 Ward Security Limited £45,000,000
25 Amulet £39,000,000
26 STM Group Ltd £33,000,000
27 Allied Universal (Europe) Limited £31,000,000
28 Guarding UK Limited £29,000,000**
29 Lodge Service Ltd £22,000,000
30 Brooknight Security Ltd £17,500,000
31 Unitrust Protection Services (UK) Ltd £16,300,000


*G4S has changed how they report annual revenue which has made it impossible to separate out Regulated Security activities and non-regulated in their Cash Solutions business unit. We contacted numerous senior leadership members and were unable to get a definitive figure. We used the 2019 filings Jan – Dec from their Secure Solutions Business to come up with their 2020 turnover.

** The majority of the revenue figures are reported by the companies themselves to us directly. Those with two asterisks are companies where we have had to use the 2019 accounts filings. Some of these companies have non-related areas of business in their statutory accounts which attempts to estimate and factor out of the estimated turnover. Infologue strives for accuracy and welcomes input from the companies and will amend any verified inaccuracies as soon as possible. Therefore these figures should be treated with caution and be regarded as the best guess.

*** Amberstone contacted us several weeks after publishing with their updated figures. This brought them into the number 19 position and everyone below them down a position. 

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